DRR Advisors

Robert Rodriguez, PhD has dedicated his career to helping corporations discover and capitalize on the diversity that exists within their organizations.
He has become a trusted advisor to over 100 firms which include some of the world's leading business, non-profits and institutions.
Rodriguez founded Dr. Robert Rodriguez Advisors, LLC (DRR Advisors) to create diversity solutions for organizations worldwide. DRR Advisors is a management and diversity consulting firm that specializes in enterprise diversity strategy planning, employee resource group optimization and Latino talent management initiatives. Our proprietary tools and frameworks help clients closely monitor talent plans and deployment.
DRR Advisors helps clients define a talent agenda to support their core competitive strengths, and shape talent practices, to deliver busines outcomes.
Three things define the DRR Advisors approach: First, we bring rigor and sophistication to the science of organizational diversity, using data and benchmarks to identify solutions and measure progress. Second, we are committed to providing practical solutions that impact business results. Third, we work to build the capabilities of our clients so that they can sustain, replicate and scale solutions that provide long-term organizational health.

Client Testimonials

  • In a significant way, Dr. Rodriguez moves the discourse about inclusion to a place where diversity achieves success by showing how it adds business value to a corporate enterprise.
    Angel Gomez
    AG Gomez Consulting LLC
  • "Corporations can always rely on Dr. Rodriguez’ far-reaching analysis about Latino diversity. His strength lies in offering a lens through which to understand an employer’s role in a workplace that will have an increasingly Latino identity."
    Pete Wilkins
    New Futuro
  • "Allstate is proud to work with Dr. Robert Rodriguez. Rarely does someone come along in possession of such unique insight, near-perfect clarity, and a stirring eloquence that combine to inform our organization about trends and best practices regarding employee resource groups and what lies ahead for ERG leaders."
    Jorge Quezada
    Diversity & Inclusion
    Allstate Corp.
  • "Dr. Robert Rodriguez is a true thought leader in diversity & inclusion and I consider him the leading expert on Latino diversity initiatives in corporate America."
    Rudy Martinez