Latino Leadership

The demand for capable, “Ready Now” Latino talent within corporations continues to grow. However, companies needing more Latino leaders are finding that they lack the internal and external resources to build that talent pool quickly. Thus, there exists an intensity in the need for strong Latino leadership development programs that is several orders of magnitude greater than the concentration of other available offerings. Moreover, existing Latino training programs often lack developmental rigor due to poor instructional design and inconsistent delivery. The result is a Latino leadership pipeline that in many companies is empty or nonexistent.

That is why Dr. Robert Rodriguez and Angel Gomez have partnered to create a concentrated program to develop mid-career Latino professionals called the Latino Leadership Intensive. The Latino Leadership Intensive will deliver cutting-edge content through sound instructional design based on Dr. Rodriguez’s research on Latino development needs and Mr. Gomez’s innovative adult learning methodology. The purpose of the Latino Leadership Intensive is to provide Hispanic professionals with a rigorous learning experience focused on the application of practical skills and techniques that drive higher workplace performance.

Along with a rigorous 2-day learning experience, participants will gain a greater understanding of how to leverage their Hispanic ethnicity as an asset and be held accountable for applying their learning through subsequent periodic coaching sessions with their managers and facilitators – a key differentiator. This program is ideally suited for individuals who want to excel at work while simultaneously mastering those times when their cultural background intersects with race and ethnicity.

Latino Leadership
Intensive Learning Agenda

  • Day 01
  • Introduction to the Latino Leadership Intensive
  • The Challenge of Latino/a Leadership
  • Collaboration & Balancing Competing Leadership Priorities
  • Apply Emotional Intelligence and Organizational Awareness
  • Making Effective Decisions with Your Team
  • Active Listening as the Foundation of Leadership
  • Day 02
  • Reflections on Day One
  • Thinking and Acting Strategically in Problem Solving
  • Giving and Receiving Feedback
  • Coaching and Developing Others
  • Managing Conflict and Leveraging Your Influence
  • Integration of Learning as a Latino Leader

Participant Profile
(Maximum of 20 participants per session)

Hispanic leaders with at least 10 years corporate experience and 5 years experience managing others.

Participants should be recognized as outstanding prospects for increased leadership responsibilities, have the potential to ascend to higher positions and been identified as central to the succession plan of future Latino leaders.

Hispanic leaders who are looking to transition from being a middle manager to a business leader.

Must participate in 6 month and 12 month follow-up leadership coaching discussions in partnership with their manager.

Latino Leadership Intensive

The Latino Leadership Intensive is offered several times a year in an open enrollment format. Individuals who wish to participate can register as an individual. All Latino Leadership Intensive offerings are hosted at Stanford University in Palo Alto, CA, Harvard University in Cambridge, MA or the University of Chicago in Chicago, IL. Companies can also host in internal offerings of the Latino Leadership Intensive for their employees only at their company location.

For more information on the next public offering of the Latino Leadership Intensive contact Dr. Robert Rodriguez.

Dr. Robert Rodriguez
[email protected]

Latino Leadership Intensive 2020