Employee Resource
Group Consulting and
the 4C Assessment Model

Organizations are demanding more from their employee resource groups (ERGs). However, few organizations are able to assess their ERG performance in a rigorous manner nor are they able to effectively benchmark their ERGs against ERGs at other firms.

For these reasons, DRR Advisors created the revolutionary 4C ERG Assessment Model. The 4C Model provides a multidimensional perspective on ERG effectiveness. The model allows firms to assess the current health, impact and effectiveness of their ERGs on 4 key elements: Culture, Career, Commerce and Community.

Along with the 4C Assessment Model, DRR Advisors also helps companies with their ERG initiatives in the following areas:
–ERG Strategy Development
–ERG Executive Sponsor Training
–Designing ERG Summits
–Establishing an ERG Leadership Academy
–Developing ERG Metrics-that-Matter
–ERG Policy Development
–ERG Leader Selection Process
–ERG Workshops
–ERG Transformational Change

Measure ERG performance,
establish a base line, make data driven
ERG strategy decisions,
track progress, & improve performance.

The 4C Model thus allows ERGs to benchmark themselves to other ERGs by capturing their scores and comparing it to a normative database of ERG scores at over 150 other corporations. The ERG scores are captured on a visual circumflex as a dashboard to gauge ERG progress.

Because of the comprehensive nature of the 4C Model, it is quickly becoming the standard for how corporations assess their employee resource groups in the United States and globally.

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