Latino Talent

There is no substitute for knowing a segment of the talent market inside and out. In fact, many consider DRR Advisors as the utmost authority on Latino talent management initiatives in corporate America. DRR Advisors draw upon years of direct, front-line experience creating, implementing and assessing organizations Latino talent management programs. Our scale, scope and knowledge allow us to address Latino talent needs that no one else can.

Using our proprietary Latino Talent Framework, DRR Advisors helps corporations more effectively recruit, retain and develop top Hispanic talent. We help clients shape Latino community, raise awareness of Latino talent best practices and help organizations develop a much more textured understanding of, and appreciation for, the Latino talent market. Such knowledge is critical to establishing a solid foundation for long term Latino talent success.

Many of these insights are found in the best-selling book by Dr. Rodriguez titled, “Latino Talent: Effective Strategies to Recruit, Retain & Develop Hispanic Professionals”, and also in “Autentico: The Definitive Guide to Latino Career Success,” co-written with Andres Tapia.

Our Latino Talent areas
of expertise include:

  • Latino Leadership Development
  • Talent Frameworks
  • Understanding Latino Professionals
  • Review of Latino Talent Trends
  • Latino Employee Resource Groups
  • Latino Executive Engagement
  • Latino 101 for HR Professionals
  • Latino Talent Acquisition Strategies
  • Latino Talent Best Practices
  • Improving Latino Talent Retention
  • Latino Talent Acquisition
  • Latino Talent Summits
  • Connecting with the Latino Community
  • Latino Strategy Elements for Executives
  • Latino Executive Coaching
  • Latino Executive Caucuses

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Latino Talent